Nolan Young's Story
Larry Brassard

How do I say THANK-YOU in a way that truly expresses our gratitude for your donation today - perhaps the only REAL way is to assure you that we will share Nolan's Story in our community and get these 100 CO alarms into the hands of those in need here in Gravenhurst. Sharing Nolan's Story in an incredible act of courage on your part and will undoubtedly serve to help protect others - something I believe Nolan would be proud of. Thank-you!

Larry Brassard Director of Fire & Emergency Services, Fire Chief Gravenhurst Fire Department

Maryanne Schnock

Hi, I received a carbon monoxide detector from the fire department today and Nolan’s picture was on it. I was deeply touched by his story. So very sorry for your loss. Last Wednesday my carbon monoxide detector went off and the entire apartment building was evacuated, it was very scary. I got an extra detector to feel safe at home. Apparently it was something to do with the installation of the new furnace. Thanks Nolan for your help with the detector. Blessings to your family.

Sincerely, Maryanne Schnock


I am sharing my story of what happened to me, because if there's any message people need to hear, it is the message that carbon monoxide detectors SAVE LIVES.   Six months ago, the furnace in my house broke down.  My husband and I had it replaced with a brand new furnace.  The furnace company came to replace it, and within a week of the new furnace up and operating, one of the carbon monoxide detectors in our home went off.   At first we assumed the battery in it was dying, and replaced it with a new carbon monoxide detector.  However, the next day, the new detector, as well as the ones upstairs in our home started to go off as well.   We contacted the furnace company who installed our new furnace, and realized there was an error in how the new furnace was hooked up, thus, causing this gas leak in our home.

     WE HAD NO IDEA.    There was no smell of gas in our home     My husband and myself and my two kids could have been victims of carbon monoxide poisoning if we did not have the detectors in our home.   Anyone who uses appliances - big or small - that are operated by gas should have carbon monoxide detectors in their dwelling.  Gas leaks aren't always noticeable.  

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a silent killer.  The carbon monoxide detectors save lives.

- Mary